Virtual CRR Price Sheet

Virtual CRR

Pricing Structure

The pricing below includes 1 survey with up to 10 questions/responses of your choosing or creation for one year. Surveys are custom made and include the links you want, as well as wording and pictures. You will also receive quarterly and an annual statistical reports of your survey.


Under 50,000            $2480.00

50,000-100,000        $2930.00

100,000-250,000      $3360.00

250,000-500,000      $3810.00

Over 500,000           Custom Bid


Additional Fees

Question change within the 1-year period – $229 each

Additional statistical reports other than quarterly and annual – $130


Discounts for Multiple Surveys

1st additional survey – 20% off retail

2nd additional survey – 30% off retail

3rd or more additional surveys – 40% off retail


Larger Surveys

Larger surveys can be made and will be bid according to the details of the project. Please keep in mind that for a survey to be successful it should be kept short and easy to get as many participants as possible. We encourage you to follow these guidelines but will design a survey to your specifications.